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Michael Gray, CPA's Services

Tax return preparation, tax consulting, tax audit representation, and business management services by accountants in San Jose.

"Thank you so much for taking the time to give me advice about the tax issues involved in the short sale of my home. Your knowledge and your kindness are greatly appreciated. Thanks also for giving me the permission to link to your site from mine. I look forward to receiving your newsletters." -Don Farrow, CDPE

Services for Individuals:

Tax consultation for real estate investors, retirement and estate planning, and tax return preparation.

"Let us help you minimize your taxes with advance planning!"

Business Services:

Tax preparation and tax and business management assistance services for Partnerships, Corporations, S Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and Limited Liability Partnerships.

"We can help you set up your accounting systems, improve your profit potential, and minimize your taxes!"

Tax Audit Representation for individuals and businesses:

"When you are being audited, we can deal with the authorities on your behalf, reducing the inconvenience to you and your business, and potentially save you money!"

Estates and Trusts:

Tax preparation and tax consultation services.

"We can help you plan ahead to minimize taxes on your estate or deal with estates and trusts you recently inherited."

Let us help you! Call Dawn Siemer at (408) 918-3162 to set an appointment today.

Tax return preparation, tax consultation, tax audit representation, and business management assistance services for real estate investors.

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