Tax Services For Small Businesses

We help business owners maximize their business' potential and reduce their tax liability. Find out what we can do for your business!

We help business owners maximize their business' potential by working with them on a regular basis to help formulate business strategies to accomplish financial objectives, then we help them implement the strategies and measurement systems to monitor and achieve results.

We will provide up-to-date tax return preparation and planning services for proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies, C corporations, and S corporations. We also deal with special tax issues including consolidated returns, installment sales, methods of accounting, LIFO inventories, and tax-deferred exchanges, among others.

We can also help develop business plans for securing financing.

Using the power of the personal computer, we are automating many activities to improve our effectiveness in our own business. We also help our clients in installing and using these systems.

We help our clients prepare their own financial statements and financial records, or refer them to independent bookkeepers. We subcontract the work for CPA-prepared financial statements.

"We have such a history with (Mike) and we haven't had many problems, and we've had audits and such and everything came through... You've done so much more than we even expected. You did the (auto dealership) agency, you did the personal, and now you're even doing the care-giving (helping deal with employees who are caring for Teri's mother) situation with me. So you've really done so much! Thank you." -Teri Bird

To find out if we are the right CPAs for you, call Dawn Gray today at (408) 918-3162.

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